Aquaponics Supplies And Equipment For An Aquaponics System

Below are aquaponics supplies and equipment that will help you to start your aquaponics system off in a positive direction.

Initially it is important to decide what size and structure of tank will be used. This will depend greatly on the type of fish that you will stock in the fish tank, and the amount of ground space you have available. An aquaponics system can be set up in an indoor or outdoor environment. Before deciding to set up an outdoor system, consider the climate for your location. Fish require specific water temperatures to thrive, and this may prove difficult to control outside.

A recent aquaponics enthusist purchased the following items to start a home aquaponics sytem:

  • AquaBundance SpaceSaver Aquaponics Grow Bed
  • Rubbermaid Commercial FG424400BLA Structural Foam Stock Tank, 70 Gallon Capacity, 40-1/2″ Length x 24″ Height, Black for the fish tank
  • PP29105 : 291 GPH, Underwater, Aquaponics/Hydroponics/Fountain/Pond/Aquarium Pump – 5′ Cord
  • AquaParts S1 Aquaponics Plumbing Kit
  • API Freshwater Master Test Kit

Aquaponics Supplies And Equipment

Aquaponics Growbed

The gardening bed in an aquaponics system is where vegetables and other plants are grown aquaponically. The number of garden beds will be determined by the size of your planned aquaponics system. Most systems are set up with one to three gardening beds.

I have found these 50 gallon tanks that can be used as growbeds in your aquaponics system design. The Aquabundance tank (in brown), is a specially made for aquaponics systems growbed.


Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, LECA (Hydroton)
Here are some different choices of hydroton that come in packs of 50 and 45 liters and also in smaller packs.


Aquaponics Fish Tank

Here are some 100 gallon fish tanks you can use. Or click on the image to search for tanks of different sizes. Or if you fancy, you could opt for the DIY Aquaponics kit by AquaBundance.



Once the system has been set up, it is time to add the elements that bring aquaponics together. Selection of the right kind of fish is something that will need to be decided.  There are several species of fish that will thrive in an aquaponics environment. The more common selections include tilapia, trout, koi, and goldfish. Some fish are ornamental and others may be used as a food source.  The type to be raised will need to be decided as well. Once the fish have started to eliminate their waste, the bacterial component of the tank will begin to grow.

Aquaponics Pumps
Here are a few submersible pumps I have identified from Amazon that are compatible for aquaponics use. Choose the pump capacity according to your system’s requirement.


Aquaponics Plumbing Kit

Tubing for the circulation of water is an important piece of the puzzle. It is recommended to buy sturdy hosing, as you want to get extended use from this equipment. In addition to the sturdy hose a PVC tee for splitting the water is another requirement. Also, a hose clamp will be needed to connect the hose to the water pump.



A heater is going to be needed to help control water temperature.  As mentioned, fish require specified temperatures to remain healthy and thrive. The heater selected will need to be completely submersed in water, so make sure that it is designed for that. There should also be a power light on the heater so that just a glance can tell you if the device is working properly.


Water Testing Kit

A water testing kit is going to be an essential piece of equipment for an aquaponics system to be Ph balanced. The testing kit will allow quick and efficient sampling of nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, and ph levels of the tank water. This is a delicate system that requires constant monitoring so that everything remains in balance. There are also buffers you can added to the water to maintain the right balance.


Organic Fish Food

Now your fish can be as organic and sustainable as the rest of your aquaponics system! Contains certified organic agricultural products or ingredients that conform to the NOP’s national list of materials acceptable for organic agriculture production. AquaOrganic feed provides premium nutrition for all omnivorous pond fish including Tilapia, Catfish and Koi.


Intermediate Bulk Container

An intermediate bulk container (IBC) tote is a good thing to have on hand in case traveling or transfer is required. The IBC tote comes with a sealing lid to prevent spillage of contents, so there is no need for concern.


The next decision will be about the plant content that will be grown. There are over 600 varieties of plants that will excel in an aquaponics environment. Tomatoes, lettuce, wheat grass and kale are among popular selections.

All your aquaponics supplies and equipment are available at your local building supply store and gardening stores. We suggest that you make a list of all the supplies you need before going to the store.

By Far The Easiest Way To Build An Aquaponics Gardening System Today With The Above Supplies And Equipment!


  1. Maher says

    I am interested in aquaponics systems
    and I want to start my small project
    I have a question about the growing stones is it important to use this type or i just can use any kinds of rocks and stones?
    thank you very much

    • says


      An aquaponics media filled growbed is simply a suitable container that is filled with a growing media such as gravel, hydroton or lava rock.

      What does the growbed media do?

      • The growbed media provides the plants with a foundation in which to grow and anchor their roots.
      • The growbed media also serves to moderate the temperature around the plant roots.
      • The growbed media provides a surface area for the nitrifying bacteria to colonise.
      • The growbed media facilitates the mechanical filtration for the solid waste in aquaponics systems.
      • The growbed media provides a home for beneficial worms in aquaponics systems.

      What are some key considerations?

      • The growbed media must be pH neutral as it must not affect the water chemistry in aquaponics systems.
      • The growbed media must not contain any other types of contaminants that could affect the water chemistry.
      • The growbed media needs to be able to drain water well so that roots don’t get waterlogged.
      • The growbed media needs to be well-sized to allow oxygen to be drawn down into the growbed.
      • The growbed media with a high surface area will be best for the beneficial bacteria in your system.
      – The growbed media should be light weight.

      Hope this helps to answer your questions.


      • J R says

        Don’t much get on the computer, so if you answer and I have more questions, may be a while before I get to it. Have a large amount of slag deposits on my property. Can this be used as a growing medium?

        • says

          Sorry, but I am not familiar with Slag Deposits. I do not know whether they will work as growing material for Aquaponics.

          Just try and see what happens!


          • Jeff Porter says

            If the slag is concrete leftovers or asphalt then it won’t work as growing media due to pH of the concrete and the petrochemicals in the asphalt. So it depends what the slag is.

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