How Can You Grow Aquaponics Tomatoes

Aquaponics has become quite a popular trend when it comes to gardening and growing from home.  More than that, some vegetables seem to lend themselves quite nicely to this type of growth process.  As we go through this article we are going to see one main example: How to grow aquaponics tomatoes.

Aquaponics TomatoesTo begin, you may just have the question: What is aquaponics.  Aquaponics basically involves growing plants and greens, by use of marine animals.  If it sounds fishy, that’s because it is!  By using a growing container for your plants and including fish in the process, aquaponics is quite unique.

Nutrient rich water will be transported through tubes to and from your fish tank right into your growing container.  Funny enough, fish water is especially healthy for tomatoes.  Aquaponics systems for this use come in a variety of sizes, and there are 5 main principles that will have you growing tomatoes in no time.

1.    You must test the pH level of the water to ensure it is between 6.8 and 5.8.  As long as you have a pH stabilizer that is safe for your fish, you can adjust the level as needed.  You should be able to find one in most garden stores or supply stores who carry aquaponics systems.

2.    In order to remove dust and other particles that can have an adverse effect on the pH level of the water, be sure to rinse out the growing container. Fill the growing container with the medium just about one-third full.

3.    Gently rinse the roots of your tomato seedlings to remove any soil or composites.  Be sure to be careful not to damage the roots.  Easy does it.  Go ahead and gently plant your seedlings by spreading out the roots.  After that you can cover them, making sure the plant is secure and upright by covering at least two inches of stem in the medium.

4.    If you want to control the algae build up, add some red wiggler worms.  This will also add some nutrients that are healthy for the continued growth of your plants and your fishes.

5.    Watch carefully for aphids on your plants, which are little bugs that can eat away at them.  They look like lice but you can generally keep them away by using a vinegar solution that is equal parts water and vingar. As you do this, be sure to ensure the pH level is still secure.

Who is ready for tomatoes?  If you stick by these solid principles in growing tomatoes using aquaponics, you are sure to have healthy tasty tomatoes in no time.  All you need are a pH stabilizer, a pH test kit, growing medium, tomato seedlings, and even some vinegar for those pesky aphids.

As you have seen, growing aquaponics tomatoes can be quite an easy and fun process.  All it takes is a few ingredients, a bit of monitoring, and we can’t forget the fish, and you have one guaranteed aquaponic system ready for pitching out tomatoes. Come and get them while they’re fresh!

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Growing Tomatoes Using An Aquaponics System

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